Friday, December 25, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for reading my blog! I hope and pray all is well with your family!
Gordon and I just finished watching "War Room". What a fantastic movie! It shows what power we have in prayer and don't use prayer! I got the book Fervent by Priscilla Shirer which goes along with the movie. So, I have an idea for the new year and hope you will think about joining me. The movie and book talk about a strategy in prayer. So, let's just think about that for a moment. Strategy?? Yes! So, I'm calling upon a few ladies to join in with prayer time, praying for family, jobs, co-workers, finances, health, our government, our county, our pastors, etc.
First, write out your prayer, such as "help me at work with my co-workers, pray for their families, finances and health". Write out scripture that might go along with that, such as the Lord's prayer or 2 Chronicles 7:14, or John 3 :16. Writing down scripture helps you to remember it and breaks the power of the enemy! Just list the things you need to pray for and wait to see the power of prayer. It's amazing. I did this many years ago with a ladies group. I wrote them down and each week we added to the list or saw the hand of God move in a certain situation. God is calling me up again for war! The enemy has made some of my family compliance with their walk with God, so I think it's time! Come along for the ride and let's see the hand of God move! Just email me if your joining and once a week check in with me. Jan 1 is the kick off date! Get ready for battle and let God move! Blessings!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Time

Well Christmas week is upon us and thank you Lord the craziness is almost over. I've been feeling that the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost in the busyness of the season. I used to be just crazy with making everything right, enough cookies to feed a lot of people, enough gifts for everyone, cards being sent out on the right date(whatever that was), the tree decorated differently every year and on the list went! I'm grateful Gordon put up with it and the kids are pretty normal, insert smiley face!
The last few years I hear God in a very clear voice saying make it simple, it's about relationships. Relationship with me(God), relationships with my family. I still believe in Santa and all things good. I believe that Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us, I still want peace on Earth and everyone in my little world to have a grounded relationship with the Creator of the World. As this year is coming to a close very fast, I pray and have faith that Jesus is still my Redeemer and the reason for this wonderful season! As Tiny Tim said so many years ago, "God bless us everyone!" Blessings!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Dad

Today is my Daddy's birthday, if he was still living he would be 111 yrs old. WOW!!!! If he hadn't gotten cancer, I think he would still be running circles around all of us, :). Dad was a really great Dad. He would do anything, I think, for his girls and he did! He wasn't the most romance man, but he love my Mom and we all knew it! He would get impatient with me, but showed tender care other times when I really needed it. He is missed today especially! He loved Jesus and so we, sisters and our families, have the hope of seeing him and Mother again! Isn't that wonderful! My grandchildren who have heard a lot of fun stories have this hope also! I pray that HOPE becomes very real to each of you, that living with Christ as the center of our hope is AMAZING!!! Happy Birthday Daddy in Heaven, where you are celebrating with Christ!! Blessings! First photo is of Sandy and me with Daddy. He's holding me! Cute! Second photo is of him and Mom on some sort of trip and the last one is fuzzy, but so Earl, wearing that stupid hat while shoveling! He loved that hat!!! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The weather man was predicting bad weather for us and up to 8 inches of snow depending who one listened too, but we got maybe 2 inches of snow and slushy roads. My little car did excellent in the slush!
We had a wonderful time as a family on Saturday as we celebrated Thanksgiving here, missing only one person, Alex as he worked that day. Fun times here! Games were played, lots of food and some made ornaments.
Trying to decide whether to put up a large tree or smaller table top . Thinking about getting a white table top tree. Something different, should be fun! Blessing!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Small changes

Thank you so much for praying this past week for me, I felt those prays! Things haven't really change, but that 's okay with me! The Lord is working!!! Moving on, what are your Thanksgiving plans. We will have our meal together on Saturday. Turkey, with mashed potatoes, gravy, a new salad called coke cranberry salad, broccoli salad, rolls, tossed salad, relish tray, maybe squash, roasted green beans and 2 pies. I think that is enough food!! Blessings!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lord, change me!

Today at church, I prayed for the Lord to change me, mold me into what He wants me to be, more kind, more understanding, and more of Him to my small circle of co workers!
Lately at work, my job has started to stress me out! It shouldn't, but it does! I'm not sure how it snuck up on me, but I'm sick of it! It fatigues me! So, I started back on my stationary bike on Thursday and a quiet time with Him! It helps me a lot. Centers me, if you want it put in a non religious way! I also got this new book by Beni Johnson. It is a good read, nothing new in the realm of eating better and exercising, but a good reminder. She also talks about sleep. I don't sleep well, haven't for years, but I think its not been good! If I get 7 hours, I'm lucky! 5 or 6 is more like it, but by 7 p.m. I'm pooped as I have been up since 5 a.m. or maybe 6 a.m. Then, you know that vicious cycle, if I cat nap before bed, I don't sleep all night. Man, this sucks!!!
Plus within all this sleep mess, my job is stressful. A co-worker is at times hard to deal with, bossy and controlling! My daughter asked me just recently "why do you attract this kind of personality?" I don't know why, but it's tiring! My personality is I'm trying to get along with everyone difficult or not, but I pay for it! Its very wearing! Plus I can't just walk away from this person as I work daily with her in the same office. So, that's where I asked the Lord to change me, change my attitude, change how I react to her, change me to what will bring glory to His Kingdom! I have been thinking of looking for a new job, but would I find another person like her?? Please pray for me and pray for her! I'm sure I'm hard to deal with at times, it's not all her! Blessings!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

this weekend

So, about a week ago or so, I noticed a rather loud noise in the basement of water rushing. I couldn't find anything, I looked and listened, nothing!!! But then when I heard it again, it was water spilling out of the drain pipe for the washing machine. Gushing out the top like a waterfall. So, Gordon is gone and I decided not to tell him until he got home which was going to be in 24 hours. So, then on last Sunday we stopped at the septic guys house to talk to him, got it pumped and guess what. That's right, water gushing out of the pipe still!!! Man, I couldn't believe it! So, we called the plumber son and he came up to help find out what's going on. There was a plug of goo about 10 feet from the house, that finally let go and voile , its fixed and life is good!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Gordon is back from mule deer hunting with 3 other guys. They had a successful hunt and everyone got meat for their freezers. The buck was a very nice size and the meat will be appreciated. Also, while he was gone our septic decided to act up, so he's digging so the guy can access the tank and pump it out, I'm praising God that this didn't happen in the middle of winter! Update, septic was full and now clean. We were told not to use powder detergent, I make my own, liquid detergent breaks down easier.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I finally found a new wallet at Shopko on Sunday after church, y'all. My friend, Lisa, had a pretty hot pink and I asked her where she got it and she said Shopko. So, I saw a red one, brown, black one, leopard print, but chose the one in the picture. We are probably 99% sure on taking a Dave Ramsey class through our church and I'm gearing up for the envelope / cash system. We aren't budget people, kinda did one 25 years ago, but we know where our money goes , but I really want to have a better handle on things as we approach retirement. Gordon keeps telling me of all the things I will need to give up, but I haven't heard what he's going to give up, insert smiley face??? So, with that in mind, I know, you are probably swooning over the fact we don't have a budget. Just seemed like a lot of work to me. But things need to change and so, back to my wallet. It was $ 35.99, wait for it, wait for it, I paid $ 7.50 Yeah for me!!!! I really like it and if I try really hard, I can get my phone in it and zipped! Blessings!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Today I want to share a few favorite things I like. 1. The coffee mug Erika gave me about a hundred years ago, one itty bitty chip in the handle, can't part with it yet! Maybe soon. Not sure.
2. I made homemade applesauce which I love. My grandma would put Red Hots in the hot applesauce, made it pink with a little kick.
3.  Baking squash to put in freezer for late use. Hopefully I will make some pumpkin bars and squash casserole. There is a new chef program on PBS called A Chef's Life. I love it. Vivian Howard is a down home girl from North Carolina who makes pretty much everyday food with a small twist. Yesterday's episode was about casseroles and how to glam them up. Can't wait till her cookbook is out! Oh boy, I will have to clean out a spot on the shelving for it!! Last week it was the might beet, she made a beet cake, kinda reminds me of red velvet cake. And of course, pickled beets, yum is all I can say there!!!
4. Chicken rice soup for lunch today. Made with leftover chicken from Friday. Good on a cool fall day!
 Applesauce, not pretty to look at, but mighty tasty!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Words, they make a person strong, fearless and hopeful or the can destroy a person, tear them down to nothing, put fear in their life and destroy all hope! What do words do to you??? Lately, I have been paying close attention to words, not only mine, but others. Boy, so many negative words surrounding me and in me! I went to Verizon today to see if I could clean up some area on my phone for another app I wanted, but by the time I got there I forgot what app I wanted. Man, I complained about being old, the lady just looked at me and said "your not old, here I will try to help". I scolded myself for saying that under my breath. I don't see myself old and I love technology, so knock it off!!!! God has given life or death by our words. Springs of living water comes from our words. I want to do better, how about you??? Give me life and a long drink from the true source of the living water, Jesus! Help me Holy Spirit with every breath!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for my life, friends and family! Blessings!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

weekend fun!

This past weekend my granddaughters were here. We went to a local pumpkin barn for some fun times! There was a corn maze, 2 bouncy houses, a bouncy horse race arena, a place to milk a pretend cow, 2 pretend calves to rope, 2 slides, picnic areas and lots of pumpkins!! We had so much fun! My daughter came over from Webster to spend the afternoon with her nieces and me! Thanks Erika for helping me out with all the fun we had with the girlies! blessings!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Speaking life

I'm going to tell you people that speaking life is harder than you think it is. Hard work changing your mind set! Hard not to speak negative things out loud so others hear your hurt, frustrations or just your words that encourage anyone especially you! I thought and still think I'm pretty positive, but found out I'm not to myself. I speak really negative things all day long to myself without really paying attention! This has to stop, I'm worth all the lovely, good and kind things I say to encourage others in their life! I am a prayer warrior, encourager, that is my gifting from God! But to change it up and turn it on me is hard! But I'm doing it and I caught myself ready to speak negative, stop it in its track! Zip it up I said to myself!!! I just looked at the lovely woman from work and said to pray for me, she said she would and I walked away! Please keep me accountable, someone out there, please!!! Blessings!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


So as you see from last time I posted I bought a new toy. It's going back. I followed the instructions and had no luck in making it work. So disappointing!! So that is that update.
I did take a card making class last Monday night and had so much fun, but didn't finish the cards that night. I did however just finish them up and they are cute.

There is a third one with a Christmas tree, but the photo is lost for now in cyber space, insert frown!!
My friend , Chris did a post last week that has me thinking. I'm mostly a happy person, but I'm feeling like I need a change in jobs. Chris said something that struck me, in a word "change what I'm saying to self that is negative" and start speaking life! Chris is such a great friend, we aren't close in age or in the area (as she moved away, lucky her), but I trust her words! I trust the Holy Spirit to bring life to a certain situation and change me! I can only change me, I can't change the other person or what she says, but I can change how I accept it or reject it!
Blessings to you all!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

new toy

I bought myself a new kitchen gadget. A shiny, red electric pressure cooker/ canner. I'm pretty pumped to use it, can't decide what to make first, but I'm thinking pot roast! I've wanted one for a while and finally said to self, " self, get that shiny red one." It came with some recipes. But the biggest treat for me was I can use it to can one or two things so easily! Any recipes you want to share will be welcomed! Thanks! Blessings

Monday, September 14, 2015


Gordon had not checked on of the game cameras for about 2 months. So, yesterday he did. Well, needless to say the wild life was all around the house. We have a picture of a approx. 400 lbs bear, who I have named Buster. I think Buster fits him. Big head and body, little ears! We feel safe and not afraid, maybe we should, but they are more scared of us and we are of them. One was near the crab apple tree and I asked him what he thought he was doing in the yard, he just looked at me like you are bothering me as I'm trying to find something to eat at your house look. He then ran off as I yelled at him, it could have been Buster, but this guy wasn't huge like Buster is. Living the good life, blessing!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pillow cover

I bought 4 throw pillow covers through I love them, as they have one of my favorite childhood song verses on them. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine". My oldest sister used to sing that to me when I was little, she is 18 yrs older than me. So, she was going to college at the time and babysitting a toddler, insert smiley face!!! I in turn sang it to my daughter when she was little, the circle of life people, the circle of life! I can't wait to find some pillows it put these on and bring in some sunshine! Blessings to your day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

corn chowder salad

This recipe was posted on one of my favorite websites, Deb Perlman makes the best stuff. I didn't deviate from the recipe this time, except I added black pepper. I served it at room temperature. Gordon said it was a keeper! That is always a good thing, thanks Deb!!!! I know she doesn't know me, but I know her! Please check out her website, all recipes are great! Though I have made 6, they were really good!!! This recipe has 5 ingredients, that's my kind of recipe!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

fermented vegetables

I've been reading a lot of lately on the web about fermented vegetables and how good they are for you. This is beyond the sauerkraut you find on the grocery shelf. This is made with a probiotic culture that puts good bacteria in your gut! So, I'm trying and made probably 2 quarts today. I have different size jars to put the sauerkraut in, so I'm guessing that it made about that much! In about 3 days we should have sauerkraut. Wish me luck!
P. S. I did throw in a sliced up apple for more goodness! Apples are full of prebiotics!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Today is our daughter's birthday! She was such a great baby, smiled at everyone and was a great kid! She has become a wonderful adult and a joy to be with! We enjoy each others company and never run out of something to say. Though we don't call or text or email a lot, I know she loves me and she knows I love her! I often pray for her and Trevor, as they have big shoes to fill to their nieces and nephews as the best Aunt and Uncle, who pray often for those kids!
I was 3 weeks late in delivering her and her brother, someone goofed with the due dates. Erika was born on our friends anniversary which we were to go out for dinner with them, Gordon called and told them I wasn't feeling so hot. They said, " that's too bad, what do you think is wrong?" He told, "well, she had a baby this morning and stuck in the hospital" We still laugh about that conversation!
Well, my sweet girl, Happy Birthday from your Dad and me! Many more and may God richly bless you with lots of dreams!

Saturday, August 29, 2015


I'm reading a very interesting book. The Art of Tiding up by Marie Kondi. I'm really not a messy person, but things get away from me which I think is pretty normal!
This is not a get rid of the clutter book, its a book about what brings you joy book. Get rid of the rest. If you haven't worn it year doesn't work for me, I've tried it, but this makes sense to me. If it brings me joy or makes me happy, keep it. Otherwise there's the bin or bag, out it goes. I'm starting one room at a time and will give myself more than she says as I work and it's the last thing I want to do every night when I get home. Maybe I will change my mind and get on a roll, but the basement is a 3-6 month project unto itself. Lots of things and 38 years of accumulating. Check out the book. Let me know if you have read it and tried it? Blessings! I did get a newish car, Subaru 2013 Outback, blu and lovely to drive.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Tomorrow is my day off, as I work Saturday. We are going to test drive a Subaru and Toyota tomorrow. We kinda need a newish car. My Ford Escape is a piece of work, Red Rose as I call her. Transmission has been replaced 2 times, once by the previous owner and by us, it has a leak of some sort that no mechanic can find, it heats up a little and then smells, no mechanic can find that and on it goes! We don't go very far from home, I mostly drive it to work. I also have plans to look at material for new curtains in the great room. I have something in mind, so now if I can find the material. No, I won't sew them unless I want them hung in the next millennium, LOL!!!! I sew, but not that stuff! It's not a priority to me and I am slowly learning to let go of things I kinda would like to do sometime before I die and those things I love to do NOW!!!! This is a totally new concept to me, kinda, as I have tried this before, but never while working full time! I'm tired and I need to choose what's important to me and brings me joy ! Wish us luck!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Tomorrow is the start of the work week! I miss being at home, I was a stay at home mom for years and enjoyed every minute of it! Summers are the best with the kids home and lots of fun things to do. We took many family trips up to the time they were in their 20's. We saw many things, here are a few of them: Montana(Yellowstone and Glacier parks), South Dakota( cowboy chuck wagon, horseback riding and Mt. Rushmore), Alaska( Denali Park , Homer and Anchorage), California (San Diego, Disneyland, LA and San Juan Capistrano), Florida(Disney World, Sea World and Universal), Wyoming(Cody Rodeo and Russell Museum), Nebraska(first Cabelas), Colorado (Estes Park 2 times), Illinois (family), Michigan, Indiana(family) and Missouri (family). We also went through Canada 2 times(which I told the kids we were in a foreign country, they said "no we are not", but some guy at a place spoke French to his son, you should have seen the kids eyes bug out over that, "we are in a foreign country".) I have probably left out some state, sorry! We loved traveling with them, they spent hours sleeping, laughing, singing listening to books on tape and playing whatever car game I could come up with, like the how many cars are blue, ABC's of cars, I see a blue thing games.
This summer when we took Lily and Kora with us, we had fun reliving the times with their Dad and Auntie. I would love to take them to California, Washington state and Missouri where we have family and they have cousins. Hopefully, we will be able to do that in the next few years before they are to old to go with us! I am glad we are young enough to do these things with them!
Did you take family trips?? I did as a kid and so did Gordon. That is probably why we did it with our own kids, to see the world beyond our little corner! There is a big world beyond "Po dunk", where ever that is! Summer is coming to an end very quickly here in the north woods! Enjoy the few weeks left! Blessings beyond and back!

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Our son's birthday is on Monday, next year he will be 40, my baby, 40???? Oh man, I'm still 40ish!! Ok, so I'm not, but I think of myself in that age category! So, we won't celebrate together, but he's in our hearts!
Kurt is the tall man, next to him on the right is his uncle, on the left is his cousin and his Dad. Kurt is a plumber and loves his job for the most part! He was a fun kid to have around! My girlfriend, Gloria, always called on him whenever she wanted something put together like a bookshelf as he could understand the directions better than anyone! Always grateful and generous, responsible and loving! He's a great Dad and hopefully a good husband! Happy birthday, son! Have a wonderful year!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

What is normal??

Our life is back to "normal?" What is normal?? I don't know, but we have had granddaughters here for 2 weeks! It has been fun, tiring, meals have been whatever they will eat, afternoons at the beach after work and laundry! I did as much laundry in 2 weeks as I would do in 2 months!! LOL!!! WE had fun, here's what we did not in any order: The Potter's Shed( local pottery place) 2 times, ice cream at McDonald's after the beach( about 6 times), the beach, Duluth, MN., Wilderness Walk, Alley Cats(local coffee shop), game night, Rice Lake Pizza Hut after Menards, church with Auntie and Uncle Trevor, the beach, card making time, the beach, game night, Minion Movie, the beach,  Hayward candy store and did I mention the beach?!!!??!! I'm pooped and sad all rolled up into one! The girls were happy to go home and sad to leave us sad! They are wonderful girls! They didn't ask for much, just ice cream after the beach which I started 2 years ago. Will I do it again?? In a heart beat! Hoping they always want to come for a visit and never get too old to want to stay with us! We love them all! Blessings to you all!

Monday, July 20, 2015

I have the twins this week and was looking for an easy dessert/snack and came across this one. It is the same as Rice Krispies Treats, but with Fruit Loops. Very good and gooey! Recipe is:
1/4 cup of butter and small bag of marshmallows place in a microwave safe bowl for 2 minutes, then in a large bowl add 8 cups of cereal with  other ingredients; Mix together and put in greased pan. Let it sit and harden until you can stand it any longer and dig in!! YUM!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Girls!!!

Our twin granddaughters are 12 today! They were born on my sister's birthday and one week before my mother's birthday(who was also a twin)!!! They are fun girls who love family and Jesus! We will celebrate with them on Sunday, planning a fun filled day!
As you can see they have grown from 4 yrs in the first picture to the latest when their girls softball team won 2nd place last month! Blessings!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meal Planning failure

I have found out that I'm not so great at following my own meal planning. My meals change like a teenager in high school changes clothes! I plan to do one thing and mid afternoon, I've called home to get something else out for supper. I guess that's okay, but these meal planners that follow to the letter, I envy! Wednesday I planned to make hamburgers, forgot to take burger out, Gordon is gone all day, so it ended up as hot dogs and beans. Okay, check one! Check two came Thursday when I planned to make spaghetti and Gordon wanted to smoke some wings. Last night I planned to eat leftovers and ended making French Onion Soup because there was no leftovers. I'm not giving up, but sure have gotten sidelined!!! LOL!!! Blessings beyond and back! P. S. Farmers market finds for today: fingerling  potatoes, onion,s snap peas and wax beans!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Meal planning

So, in my last post, I told you about the money thing going on here. Well, it's a little better as I got paid for 2 vacation days that I had taken, but there was a glitch in the payroll, but it's all good now. Computers, love and hate them all the time!!!
Anyway, I'm still challenging my self on the meals. So, last night we had BLT because that's what I chose to make. They are so good this time of year anyway. Tonight, we had leftover Taco Salad. Tomorrow night will be spaghetti and homemade meatballs with a huge salad. The store has salad on sale this week, 2 /$3.00. That's the already chopped salad in a bag, my favorite go to meal sides! Actually, we should make it a meal on Thursday night with hamburgers. I'm getting the turkey breast out over the weekend and cook that up, maybe in the crock pot. So, there will lots of leftovers next week with the turkey, soup, stir fry and sandwiches, YUM!!!!
So, I started out with $60.00. Today I bought toothpaste, $1.69 and bleach, $1.69. So far I have spent $3.38 on no groceries just staples. Love you guys! Blessings!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A dilemna

Well, its not a big deal, but it is! I was shorted my vacation money from work, by accident and was told I could get the money or keep the days to use later. I chose the later, but now we have $80 or less to live on for 10 days. I'm pretty sure we can do it, but it will be tight. We have plenty of food, not enough fresh vegetables, but we will manage. So, it is my challenge to myself to come up with meals from the food in the freezer. I do a lot better in the winter because I can make some pretty great meals in the crockpot, but summer is more of a challenge for me. I made a big batch of Taco salad for lunch, so there's tomorrow's night meal. I have bacon, so Tuesday night can be BLT's. It's just timing and getting my stuff together the night before or thinking it through, so I will keep on the refrigerator what the next meal will be. Have you ever done this?? I do it a lot if we have overnight guest, but Gordon is easy to cook for and anything goes as long as he doesn't have to cook it, how would you like your peanut butter sandwich, boiled or fried??? That's his comeback all the time!!! Any suggestions?? Blessings to you all!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day celebration!

Happy 4th of July. I went to the Farmer's Market and got some beautiful vegetables, plus some strawberries. Making a pound cake to serve with the berries! Today's celebration for us is quiet, maybe later we will go look at the local fireworks tonight.
Don't those beauties look wonderful!!! I love buying locally! Also, I bought some coffee from a local man! Very good! Worth the money!
We had gotten the Ethiopian, but I sure like this blend. Gordon is outside painting the garage for now. I'm inside cooking and cleaning. Next weekend the family from Minnesota come up for Kurt's class reunion! Blessings to you all, God bless our country!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday's down time

Lately, we have been using Sunday as a true Sabbath day or a restful day. Doing as few things that require us to do our job. I have worked only one Sunday since I started at the grocery store 15 yrs ago, but things pile up here and I have in the past used Saturday and Sunday as my "catch up" day. But as I grow "older" and hopefully wiser, I try not too. Not saying that it was a bad thing that I did before, but I really think we need a down day! A day of rest, not running around cleaning and all that entails, but true rest. I did a little exercise this morning which I felt was of God. I actually took a nap for an hour. How do you spend a day of rest?? Reading or watching a favorite movie or going to the movies or gardening or painting?? Blessings above and beyond!

one more thing

This week I got an email from a friend that I have known for 3 years. She and her husband are really great people, but she was telling me an...