Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I finally found a new wallet at Shopko on Sunday after church, y'all. My friend, Lisa, had a pretty hot pink and I asked her where she got it and she said Shopko. So, I saw a red one, brown, black one, leopard print, but chose the one in the picture. We are probably 99% sure on taking a Dave Ramsey class through our church and I'm gearing up for the envelope / cash system. We aren't budget people, kinda did one 25 years ago, but we know where our money goes , but I really want to have a better handle on things as we approach retirement. Gordon keeps telling me of all the things I will need to give up, but I haven't heard what he's going to give up, insert smiley face??? So, with that in mind, I know, you are probably swooning over the fact we don't have a budget. Just seemed like a lot of work to me. But things need to change and so, back to my wallet. It was $ 35.99, wait for it, wait for it, I paid $ 7.50 Yeah for me!!!! I really like it and if I try really hard, I can get my phone in it and zipped! Blessings!

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