Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ordinary days

Have you ever felt like life is going on and your watching a TV show?? I'm just chilling out and feel like my life is very boring! Boring might be good sometimes, but I feel like I'm just adrift! I don't like it. I'm not saying I want something horrible to happen, but enough of the do nothing attitude! So, I have signed up for 2 on line Bible studies and love it!!! My evenings are full of reading the books, God's word and writing down scripture! LOVE IT!!!!! I never have written down scripture just to write it down, but I'm hooked! It seems to jump out to me and I retain the verses better! What do you do when the ho hum attitudes hit you??? I know some of you have had trouble adding comments to the blog, but I hope I got it fixed! Blessings!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016


I have too much of stuff, random amounts of this and that! So, I have decided to organized , pitch or give away! No other choice! Because if I give myself another out, that will be right where I started with a lot of stuff! Some of it is hard to part with , but other stuff is easy. Why do we think that stuff will make us A. Happy, B. content, C. powerful, D. joyful, where it really is just more! So, what I have learned in my 64 yrs, I'm happy with me, not stuff and Jesus is my Joy! So there you have it! Keep you posted on the amount that goes out and photos of what it looks like organized! NO drawer or closet is off limits! That goes for "the Hub", too!! Blessings beyond and back!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

wound care

If you ever need wound care, don't question it unless who told you is questionable, just go and get some help! I have this condition in my left leg called statis dermatitis, which means the varicose veins have collapsed under the skin and bleed out to cause the skin to look black /blue all the time which is for me on my shin! Anyway, back in December I bumped my ankle and broke the skin, got it almost healed and bumped my leg again in the same spot. Well, I thought I could get it healed it by myself again and waited a little long. Then I got cellulitis on that spot which is bacteria and needed antibiotics, but most of all I needed to go to wound care. Finally, I got a doctor to send me to wound care in Rice Lake. So, since the middle of April I have been going to ETI wound care. They are great and the leg is healing well. I had a minor set back in early May and now I'm back on track again. I have photos and they are gross so I won't post them, no begging!!! So, just learn from me and take care of your body! Blessings beyond and back!


So with our 4 legged baby gone to boot camp, I decided to take a week off of work! So, today being the first day that I could sleep later th...