Friday, February 27, 2015

new toy

well, I bit the bullet and bought myself a Fitbit flex wristband. It is a fancy, dancy pedometer. It measures more than just your steps, it can track your sleep, calories, biking and other forms of exercise like lifting weights. I have wanted one for a while and just couldn't justify $99, but today I could, go figure!! I tried to use my phone and it works only if your phone is in your hand while walking, so that's not so great if your on the treadmill. So, this will help me be more active, I'm thinking, so far so good.
Sun was out today and it was 11 degrees most of the day!  It was not windy as in previous days so it was pretty nice to be out and about as I was, running errands, getting my brows waxed, exercising and shopping, yeah that's what a day off looks like for me!!! :)
Blessing for your weekend!! Rest and have fun!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


It was a quiet day for us. A true day of rest for us, I feel revived! It had been a long week and work was hard for some reason. I don't doubt that we all need to take a day of rest whether it's to go to church or stay home, but to truly rest in Him! To rest in the Lord is a great gift that He asks us to do daily, sometimes even moment by moment. To rest and drink in His presence is wonderful! There was a time when it was hard for me to do that, but God is always waiting for us to return to the Living water for a long drink!!! That time I was mad at God and no drinking of that water was going to happen. I had dug in my heels, but He was gentle and waiting with open arms when I was ready to return to Him!! I danced for joy and drank a long drink!! That time was a gift to me as I look back over the years and rejoice that God was right in letting me be mad, that He knew I would return and be a stronger person for the Kingdom because of that trial! I could bear witness to His mercy and love to others who would go through hard times! Be strong and of good cheer my sisters, for God loves us with a deep love and will grant us His mercy!! Blessings!!

Friday, February 20, 2015


Yesterday was my birthday, celebrated well!!! Gordon asked me if I was 29 again, I said yes for the 34th time!!! We went to a little restaurant out of the way to eat, it as great, prime rib, YUM!!!!!
I started thinking this morning about birthdays and what they mean to me. It brings joy to my heart that I have another year to enjoy my family, friends and life! I got a chance to talk to both sisters and always enjoy that, daughter texted me several times yesterday, a niece texted me, and I got a few kisses from Gordon, what more can you ask for!!! I don't need much anymore from anyone, just to be acknowledged is best, kisses are best though!! I'm very thankful for a relationship with the Living God and I can drink from the Living water(His Word) to find what I need! Blessings!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Well people, this weekend is for the romantics! Are you one of those people that loves a sappy movie or cry when you see a puppy or smile at anyone's baby??? I know I'm one of those people. I can't help it and I make no apologies! Well, please just remember to wish your favorite person a Happy Valentine's day. Do something special whether it's a card, flowers, or candy or a sweet kiss, please take the time and do something special!! It doesn't need to be expensive or fancy, just remember that, please.
We are also going to celebrate with our 15 yr old granddaughter her being baptized on Sunday.
This is a huge step for her and we want to celebrate. Jesus got a hold of her heart, that's a great thing .
We pray she will bring Glory to His kingdom!!! It's tough being 15 and all that these days, or so I've heard, but we are praying for her and ask that will you will too. Blessings to you!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

new coffee maker

Our Hamilton Beach one cup coffee maker died this week. Makes me sad and mad!!! We had not quite 2 years and it is junk! So, I went to Shopko and bought a cute red one by Bella. I have been watching a lot of youtube programs from Betheltv. It is my church time at this time! Bill Johnson said today that he loves coffee and to him a "double espresso is revival in a cup." I love that quote!
Isn't this the cutest coffee maker?? I'm so excited to use it tonight for my one cup after supper!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

new books

I recently got a few new books to read. I'm one of those people who juggle about 2 books at a time. I have done more, but then the lines start to blur and I have lost my place or subject matter when reading. That's me, so Earl(my dad), running on full and not wanting to miss a thing, go figure. I also have about 40 books in my kindle that I downloaded for free or least most of them are free. I will get to them eventually! I read about the one called"Home is Where my people are"  (by Sophie Hudson) at a website, it was recommended and I like the author, so hey, I will get it! The other one is free to my from Bethany Books," Keepers of the Covenant"(by Lynn Austin) to read and write a short summary of the book. This one is good and I'm following along with my Bible for some of it, to understand the timeline and the time period, which the author clearly states, but I like doing it! Blessings!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekend fun

This weekend has been super busy here. Kurt and his twin daughters are here. Guys had a plumbing project that they were going to work on most of the day, but that went up in smoke for the time being! Wrong parts and tools for the job. But the girls and I had a project we talked about doing once upon a time. We are building Lego houses or they are attempting to build Lego houses. The girls got the colors separated and found all sorts of new pieces to use, but all attempts to put a building together got side tracked by fun building other things like cars, bathrooms, trucks and outhouses. But hey, they had fun!!! We went to lunch with Auntie and Uncle Trevor at Alley Cats which is our favorite hangout, so that's what our weekend has been like. They are here for part of tomorrow and then our house will be very quiet again!!! Picture is from this past summer!Blessings