Saturday, April 5, 2014


April so far has been nice weather, crappy weather and mild temps, go figure!! Has anyone watched "Games of Thrones?"  Weird is all I can say!! I love the new reality" Chrisley know best." Its a real hoot. Family oriented and with pretty good values! It's on USA channel on Thursday nights I think, I just DVR it. Blessings!

Friday, April 4, 2014

April snows

We have been fooled again with April showers being April snow. It's about 14 inches on the ground and that's a lot for this time of year! I will try to get the pictures here, but no clue what's wrong with the site and photos not showing up! Blessings!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

March is ending

Today I'm grateful that March is basically over. It's been a tough month weather wise and friend wise. Today I found out that 2 dear friends have died in the last 3 weeks. We are very sadden for their families!! May God our Father comfort them!
The weather just won't quit! It was trying to rain today with snow coming tomorrow and Friday! The temps yesterday and today have been great that the snow is trying to melt off  the pole barn roof, so it isn't going to collapse! It was quite a load up there.
I've been trying to do this post for 2 days, but it won't let me post any pictures. I'm going to start back up posting recipes and pictures next week. We are starting the Paleo eating plan which is part of the whole30 program. It's pretty solid program and I'm pretty excited. We pretty much eat that way, but like potatoes and a little bread here and there. WE .love vegetables and fruit, Gordon likes more meat than I, but that's okay! I can eat a whole head of roasted cauliflower at one meal, rather than share it with him or have some meat! So, hold on and be patient with me. Blessings!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March madness

Here it is March 16th and the weather is still iffy. We hear reports of snow coming on Tuesday, oh boy!! Our snow has gone down quite a bit, we are smelling skunks out and about, seeing deer laying in the bare grass along side the roadway. So, spring is trying to come!!
We had some friends over for lunch today. They head out to Arizona for 3 weeks every winter about now. They take their ATV's and ride around out there in the mountains. Maybe someday we will tag along! Someday I would like to have my own ATV. Someday sounds not so close!!
So, we ate some turkey, stuffing and gravy casserole with cranberries, oven roasted carrots and canned peaches!!We talked and talked, drank some coffee and laughed! Since Gordon and I didn't grow up here, we talk about where we grew up. Lori and Bill grew up here, high school sweethearts, growing old together with 4 children, 7 grandchildren and some small goats/ chickens/ horses around their small hobby farm! We have a lot in common and our faith is one of them. We talk and pray for our grandchildren. They seem to take up most of our time! Thanks for letting me dribble on and on. Blessings!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March is here

Yes, March is here and we have 3 1/2 feet of snow(at least) on the ground. When this all melts it will be a watery mess!!! Our driveway will be so mucky, is that a word???? Roofs are collapsing on barns. We are hoping our pole barn roof doesn't, but the load is heavy. It has rained, then frozen, snowed, then frozen, then rained, then frozen, then more snow. It must be close to 12 inches thick on the roof. We are praying a lot!!!
Now onto another subject. I recently went to the library and got Deb Perlman's cookbook, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. There are quite a few recipes I want to try, just not enough time to make them or test them out! One that stood out to me was "Leek Fritters". Sounds interesting to me, I'm trying to stay away from potatoes as I think they make the arthritis worse. When I get to them, hopefully soon, I will post it! Blessings!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today is my birthday!!! I have always enjoyed my birthday and getting older, but this birthday is even more special as last week I had a surgical procedure done on my back and it feels great. My left leg has quit hurting and that's a bonus!!! So, now my challenge is to get exercising and lose some weight. I can't do much for a month in the exercise realm as they don't want anything to move. I have slowly been cutting back the amount of food I eat and increasing fruits/vegetables. It's certainly good to feel this good as its been more than a year! Standing straighter and walking without pain is so amazing, we all take it for granted! So here's to a great year and start to less pain/more moving! Blessings!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day

Here we are almost to Valentine's Day. Can't believe it! How do you celebrate the day?? Is it just another day?? I hope not, not that we have to spend money because we don't! Sometimes we do, but mostly we spend the day telling each other how much we love each other a few more times than normal! This happens because my birthday is a few days later and then our anniversary, so Feb. is busy spending money!
Gordon comes to the store almost everyday to have lunch with me, we often say we should save money and I should pack my lunch, but he comes in and we spend 20 minutes together during the day. Breaks up both our day, if he can't he will let me know. Guess it might be part of getting older or maybe we enjoy each others company after all these years, still!
Tuesday is surgery day for me. I get the spinal cord stimulator implant. We travel to Amery, Wi. for the surgery which is about an hour from here. Surgery is 1:30 p.m. and we should be heading for home by 5p.m. I'm pretty excited and ready for not so much pain!!! Blessings!