Friday, May 22, 2015


I recently took some essential oil classes. Its very interesting to me to figure out what oil can heal what ailment. Also, I have been watching you tube videos on cultured foods like kimchi. The benefits of cultured foods that have many healing properties. Donna Schwenk has many videos out there that are very good about cultured foods and DaNelle Wolford has many videos out in you tube land on oils. Please check them out. So, with this new information I have been drinking 4-6 oz of Kefir 2 times a day to heal my gut. I just got the kimchi today to start eating a spoonful a day to heal my gut! I will keep you all posted on what happens. I'm pretty excited to see what these foods will do and what God will do, too!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

hind sight

You know the thing about hindsight, it's always 20/20. I think my last post might have been a little sad for some of you. I'm okay, just reflecting and sharing my feelings. I didn't share all of them, but that's for another time!! Smiley face right here!!!
 I have been doing something I want to share with you all. I have been specifically taking one day a week for every member of my family and claiming it their prayer day! I won't reveal who has what day or what I pray for, but it gives me some love for my God, that He alone can see them and their needs for that day alone! Whether it is visible or not, I ask for God to change me and worship Him in all of this!!! I pray that they will see a change in their lives because I took 5 minutes or however long I take to pray for them! I have come to realize that I may never see the fruit of this, but that's okay with me, God and His kingdom will!! Isn't that cool!!!! I think it is! Blessings!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I used to just hate Mother's Day. I felt disrespected and weepy!!! I have the best family, but the enemy tried to steal that from me for more years than I care to count!! I finally came to the conclusion that Mother's Day is just a day! Like any other day for most mom's. Yes, we might get a gift, flowers or cards, go out to eat, have breakfast made for us, but shouldn't everyday be celebrated if you're a mom???? I don't know when that light bulb went off, but the last few years, I've been in a non celebrating like the world celebrates mood. My mom was my best friend as I got older, We weren't always friends, but my whole world became a little smaller when she died!! I missed our phone calls, her smell, her hands, her voice because I lived so far away, we talked a lot on the phone. Things I loved best was she became my friend over a period of time, I can't get that back, but when I look in the mirror or cough or smile, I see my mom!!! Thank you, Mom. I still miss you after all these 27 years that you have been gone, but I know you are waiting for me with Daddy!!! Happy Mother's Day dear friends and enjoy the day, enjoy the laughter, love and life we share with family!! Blessings!! P. S. Don't cry over this, as it's just my wandering thoughts and I'm good!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


I'm pretty sure that spring is here to stay! No more talk of snow flurries till fall!! YAY!!! We have the gardening fever and Gordon has tilled the garden twice already. He planted potatoes last Sunday and of the turkeys had to check out what he had done, but they don't like potatoes, so they liked the tilled ground, picking through the gravel. I didn't know that's what most birds do, pick food with a little  gravel, helps them to digest the bugs or worms.
We took parts back to Duluth today. So we ended up at Sam's. Gordon saw the pork loins on sale and we bought one. I'm thinking about pressure cooking part of it and Gordon is dreaming of smoking the other half. I've never pressure cooked meat before, any help would be helpful!!
We are planning our trip next month with the twins to Missouri! I'm so excited to see family and take them with us! I have a friend living in St. Louis and hoping to meet up with her for a few hours! Blessings!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015


We have had some early morning visitors for the last 4 days. A big doe and 2 last years fawns. They look good and healthy. They are hungry, eating leftover crab apples on the ground and nibbling though the yard as they walk to the woods. Picture was taken with my phone, so it's not the best!
This morning I made a breakfast patty melt that I saw on "The Pioneer Woman" website. It was a huge hit! I will be making it again and again in the future!
Gordon and I keep stacking wood for next year. It's good exercise and I find I tire easily! But I did help for about an hour yesterday. My back felt pretty okay doing it and that's the main thing! Blessings to you all!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend job

This weekend our son came up and helped Gordon replace some siding. It took all day after Gordon saying it will take just a couple of hours, ha, it took all day! They made 1 run to town for more nails. Now the next project is painting the house and replacing more siding on the garage. That will take more than a couple of hours, but we need to get it done!
We (Kurt) grilled steaks and I made steak fajitas for supper. I tried to make Chipotle's rice, it was okay, but theirs is better. It's rice, lime juice and lime peel, and cilantro. I had grilled onions and peppers. We feasted and drank some beer. I made one trip to town and brought back McDonald's new frozen strawberry lemonade for the boys, they drank it right down, it was a warm day and that was cold. Blessings!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


So the wood cutting has begun here in northern Wisconsin for next winter, a long way off I do pray! As you can read at the last post, winter tried to rise again, but spring is here to stay I do believe. It's 64 degrees today already! The sun is shining and the breeze is warm. Birds are chirping and I would think the rabbits are running around with laughter! It truly is a beautiful day in Wisconsin! Thank you, Lord for bringing us through another winter and may we enjoy each season you have given us!!