Friday, November 30, 2012


Well, we finally got to Rice Lake and didn't go to the movie. We went our separate way at Walmart and Menards. It was a busy day for me as I got a lttle bit of decorating done, but still can't decide whether to put up a tree or not. I have told Gordon I want a silver tree, he just laughed! So, that was my day off. Tonight I'm going out to Jenny's with my friend Gloria! This pic is from last year's find at Jenny's house!  Jenny's house is so sweet and decorated so simply, but once a year she has a craft sale and tonight is the deal! Last year I got a snowman made with leftover wood! He's so cute! Blessings!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

turkey soup

Are you still eating turkey leftovers?? We have just a little bit left, so I made turkey orzo soup
with celery diced, carrots, 2 cloves of garlic and kale! It was so good. I ate 2 bowls for lunch!!! I'm really in love with kale. This past summer, I bought so much kale at the farmer's market, the Hmong farmers always had kale for me!! I chop it up and added it my scrambled eggs, my salads, and stew or soups we had over the summer! I probably should have added to hamburgers, but didn't think of it till now!! Well, enjoy the day wherever you are and I will continue cleaning, cooking, laundry and finally to Rice Lake with Gordon. We have a date today! We are going to see the new James Bond movie! Blessings

Sunday, November 25, 2012

it's quiet here

Well, Kurt and the 3 girls are gone. Left around 12p.m. today. It's so quiet here when they leave, that it's pretty sad!!! We love having them, the noise, the giggling, the polite manners, the giggling(oh I said that, but there is alot of giggling), the meals, the crafts, the drawing, the games and the visit to Auntie and Uncle Trevor's house overnight!! We had a full weekend and enjoyed every minute. They are very well behaved girls and so it's a joy to take them out. Thank you Kate and Kurt for raising our grandgirls, you are great parents!!! I have no new pictures to share, too bad. I was having trouble anyway sending pictures to Erika of our trip. Have a great week. I'm going to start on a 21 day detox diet tomorrow!! Wish me luck, join me if you want. Keep me accountable, please! Blessings!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

In all things, give thanks! That's a great Bible verse!! Have a wonderful day whether alone or with family! Blessings!
Remember to thank the Lord for all He has given, good and hard! Sometimes I forget to thank Him when it's easy! Because it's easy!! Always looking for help during the hard things! Enjoy the day and be blessed!

Monday, November 19, 2012

photos from trip

Well, I tried to post this yesterday and nothing!! Bummer!! So, I will try tonight!
This is the back of my niece and nephew-in-law's house. Directly behind me and to my right is a lovely swimming pool.
This a great pic of Dorothy and Erika! We were at a craft show. Had so much fun walking and talking!!
This a photo of our hosts, Wendy and Pat. They were so gracious! What a beautiful home they have! Thank you!!! Blessings!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

back home

Erika and I got back from sunny California on Monday, late afternoon. We had a wonderful time with family!! My sister looks good and my niece has taken good care of her! Pat(my niece's husband) has provided a wonderful home for them and was a wonderful host!! Thank you Pat and Wendy for allowing us to visit and enjoy everything! Like I said before we ate, talked, ate, talked and talked some more!! We shopped and went to Old Town(old San Diego). It rained a little bit, but the sun always came out!. Temps were 60ish most of the days we were there. I will share pictures later. Craft weekend ahead on Saturday. Blessings!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well tomorrow morning I'm leaving on a jet plane for sunny California!!! I am so excited and already sad!!! Go figure!! I'm so exited to go and see my sis, but then I'm sad at leaving so quickly! I know there wil be lots of talking, drinking coffee, talking, more coffee, more talking and maybe some sleep!! Thirteen years is a long time not to see family!!
Well, so long for now, or as Tigger would say "Tah tah for now". See you all in a week! Blessings and hugs!!


So with our 4 legged baby gone to boot camp, I decided to take a week off of work! So, today being the first day that I could sleep later th...