Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today is Gordon's birthday! He is 45 yrs beyond being 21 yrs old. If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times that all he wanted to be was 21, as that was the legal drinking age!! So, do the math and you will figure out how old he is, old!!!LOL!!!!!! I made him his favorite cake, devils food with vanilla frosting. He loves chocolate. Ellen and Bob invited us over for his birthday. She made chicken with rice, also his favorite! So, he made out very well in the food area!!! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!! Love you much!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Well, Christmas is almost here and what a lovely time of the year! Everyone seems to be happy and cordial to one another, but I want to go deeper for what I feel this time of year! Can you just imagine how the Christmas story impacts all of us??? Jesus came for all of us, the angels brought good tidings for ALL mankind! Can you just see it the sky lit up with angels singing and shepherds watching over their sheep trying to figure out what it all meant! But Luke tells the story for us, the common people to understand what God could do for us, send us a Saviour for our redemption!! How cool is that!!! So, my wish for you is to read the story in Luke, ponder it your heart, believe in it's power to change your life for the better and share the joy with others! Merry Christmas and God bless us all, everyone!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

coffee maker

Gordon insisted in buying something for me for Christmas. He already paid for most of my trip to California, so I really didn't need anything! But he insisted!!!! So, we went to Walmart and got a one scoop coffee maker from Hamilton Beach. Of course, we had to set it up and make coffee right away!We LOVE it and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! WE have made hot chocolate with it, plus tea, just add the water!! So cool!


Well, we finally got to have soup for lunch today! It was good, I would make it again! I even used my little torch (for creme brulee) to melt the cheese instead of the broiler, I would used the broiler next time! Broiler gets the cheese brown, this just semi melted the cheese. I can't seem to get the picture to upload, it's always something! Blessings!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

french onion soup

I started this soup last night, so will totally finish the photo taking tonight, but here is the beginning!! Recipe is: 4 small onions sliced, 2 Tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Herbs de Provence, 1 Tablespoon of  beef flavoring mixed with 6 cups of water, and 2 cups of a good drinking red wine. So, I sliced the onions and heated the oil up, placed the onions in the fry for 10- 15 minutes. I wanted them a little darker so I went the 15 minutes. So, the second photo is the finished soup after cooking for about 45 minutes. Tonight all I need to do is reheat the soup, turn the broiler on, ladle the soup into bowls, place a slice of french bread in the soup and top the bread with some grated muenster cheese. Place your bowls in the broiler for just a few minutes until the cheese melts, please please make sure your bowls can take the heat!!! Also be careful placing the bowls in the oven on cookie sheets. Enjoy the soup!! More photos later.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sample Fest

 Amy was there, but at the time I took the photo she was microwaving potatoes for her demo.
 The cake plate held cake pops, next to that was bacon wrapped club crackers.
 Theresa takes such a great picture. She had monkey bread and coffee for customers.
 Connie had fried rice and shrimp for the day to serve! She did a great job. In the background is Mark setting up his demo of meatballs and bacon.
 Annie had 2 kinds of rice dishes to serve to the public!
 Sorry put this in twice and can't figure out how to remove it, go figure!!!!
 Ilene represented the bakery deptment! Everything there looked good!
Gloria did a great job for the deli deptment!
The pictures are from last Friday at the grocery store's Sample Fest. Lots of people, fun and food thoroughout the store! The store does it every year and this was probably the best!! Enjoy the photos of the girls that served! Blessings!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas time

Christmas is almost here and a few last minute things to do, but all and all I am ready for the day!! Gordon and I will be alone on Christmas day, but I have plans for the day. We have a board game that we have never played called "The settlers of Catan." So that is going to get opened and started.  So, let's celebrate the birth of our Saviour and joyous news that was brought that day that Jesus is the Word, the Word dwelt among us and made salvation possible for us! Blessings and hugs!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

purchases from sale

I wanted to show you the purchases I made at Jenny's craft show that I went to a few weeks back. So here they are. I just love them and I can totally add and switch out the shutter with spring or fall decorations.!! Blessings!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


I have this weekend off, so it's usually taken up with things I have to do and entertaining the "hub". So, washing clothes this morning and going shopping with him to Menards, maybe a show after lunch!! Detox diet is going okay. Christmas is coming and I am more relaxed than ever, not stressing this year! Trying to focus on the Advent season! Been doing a Bible study on Advent which is so good!This photo is of my friend Diane's nativity set! Love it! Blessings!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

detox diet

Well, it's Tuesday and the week has started off bad. Last week ended bad and so the detox diet is not going so great!! I did really good for 3 days and then hit a wall, bored with what I ate and hungry! So, today is the restart of the diet and moving forward! I made spinach salad for supper with venison burgers and mushrooms! Breakfast was scrambled eggs with bacon, lunch was salad with grilled chicken. Snack was a persimmons and banana. So, hopefully I am back on track at least for today! Blessings!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

spinach salad

On my page you will see blogsite! Please always check out what Deb is making! Most of the recipes I have made are terrific!!! I made that spinach salad 2 times this week and it was fabulous! I have her new cookbook on hold for Christmas, but I went to California as a gift from Gordon, so I will request her book for my birthday!

one more thing

This week I got an email from a friend that I have known for 3 years. She and her husband are really great people, but she was telling me an...