Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sample Fest

 Amy was there, but at the time I took the photo she was microwaving potatoes for her demo.
 The cake plate held cake pops, next to that was bacon wrapped club crackers.
 Theresa takes such a great picture. She had monkey bread and coffee for customers.
 Connie had fried rice and shrimp for the day to serve! She did a great job. In the background is Mark setting up his demo of meatballs and bacon.
 Annie had 2 kinds of rice dishes to serve to the public!
 Sorry put this in twice and can't figure out how to remove it, go figure!!!!
 Ilene represented the bakery deptment! Everything there looked good!
Gloria did a great job for the deli deptment!
The pictures are from last Friday at the grocery store's Sample Fest. Lots of people, fun and food thoroughout the store! The store does it every year and this was probably the best!! Enjoy the photos of the girls that served! Blessings!!!!

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