Sunday, November 25, 2012

it's quiet here

Well, Kurt and the 3 girls are gone. Left around 12p.m. today. It's so quiet here when they leave, that it's pretty sad!!! We love having them, the noise, the giggling, the polite manners, the giggling(oh I said that, but there is alot of giggling), the meals, the crafts, the drawing, the games and the visit to Auntie and Uncle Trevor's house overnight!! We had a full weekend and enjoyed every minute. They are very well behaved girls and so it's a joy to take them out. Thank you Kate and Kurt for raising our grandgirls, you are great parents!!! I have no new pictures to share, too bad. I was having trouble anyway sending pictures to Erika of our trip. Have a great week. I'm going to start on a 21 day detox diet tomorrow!! Wish me luck, join me if you want. Keep me accountable, please! Blessings!!!

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