Thursday, June 2, 2016

wound care

If you ever need wound care, don't question it unless who told you is questionable, just go and get some help! I have this condition in my left leg called statis dermatitis, which means the varicose veins have collapsed under the skin and bleed out to cause the skin to look black /blue all the time which is for me on my shin! Anyway, back in December I bumped my ankle and broke the skin, got it almost healed and bumped my leg again in the same spot. Well, I thought I could get it healed it by myself again and waited a little long. Then I got cellulitis on that spot which is bacteria and needed antibiotics, but most of all I needed to go to wound care. Finally, I got a doctor to send me to wound care in Rice Lake. So, since the middle of April I have been going to ETI wound care. They are great and the leg is healing well. I had a minor set back in early May and now I'm back on track again. I have photos and they are gross so I won't post them, no begging!!! So, just learn from me and take care of your body! Blessings beyond and back!

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