Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Speaking life

I'm going to tell you people that speaking life is harder than you think it is. Hard work changing your mind set! Hard not to speak negative things out loud so others hear your hurt, frustrations or just your words that encourage anyone especially you! I thought and still think I'm pretty positive, but found out I'm not to myself. I speak really negative things all day long to myself without really paying attention! This has to stop, I'm worth all the lovely, good and kind things I say to encourage others in their life! I am a prayer warrior, encourager, that is my gifting from God! But to change it up and turn it on me is hard! But I'm doing it and I caught myself ready to speak negative, stop it in its track! Zip it up I said to myself!!! I just looked at the lovely woman from work and said to pray for me, she said she would and I walked away! Please keep me accountable, someone out there, please!!! Blessings!

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