Sunday, October 4, 2015


So as you see from last time I posted I bought a new toy. It's going back. I followed the instructions and had no luck in making it work. So disappointing!! So that is that update.
I did take a card making class last Monday night and had so much fun, but didn't finish the cards that night. I did however just finish them up and they are cute.

There is a third one with a Christmas tree, but the photo is lost for now in cyber space, insert frown!!
My friend , Chris did a post last week that has me thinking. I'm mostly a happy person, but I'm feeling like I need a change in jobs. Chris said something that struck me, in a word "change what I'm saying to self that is negative" and start speaking life! Chris is such a great friend, we aren't close in age or in the area (as she moved away, lucky her), but I trust her words! I trust the Holy Spirit to bring life to a certain situation and change me! I can only change me, I can't change the other person or what she says, but I can change how I accept it or reject it!
Blessings to you all!!!

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  1. Love the cards, Earlene! Beautiful! I'm glad you're thinking more about the post I put up last week...go, girl! Sorry your kitchen gadget isn't working...I know you were excited about it. Bless you as you look at what changes to make in the weeks to come.


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