Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Words, they make a person strong, fearless and hopeful or the can destroy a person, tear them down to nothing, put fear in their life and destroy all hope! What do words do to you??? Lately, I have been paying close attention to words, not only mine, but others. Boy, so many negative words surrounding me and in me! I went to Verizon today to see if I could clean up some area on my phone for another app I wanted, but by the time I got there I forgot what app I wanted. Man, I complained about being old, the lady just looked at me and said "your not old, here I will try to help". I scolded myself for saying that under my breath. I don't see myself old and I love technology, so knock it off!!!! God has given life or death by our words. Springs of living water comes from our words. I want to do better, how about you??? Give me life and a long drink from the true source of the living water, Jesus! Help me Holy Spirit with every breath!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for my life, friends and family! Blessings!!!

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