Saturday, August 29, 2015


I'm reading a very interesting book. The Art of Tiding up by Marie Kondi. I'm really not a messy person, but things get away from me which I think is pretty normal!
This is not a get rid of the clutter book, its a book about what brings you joy book. Get rid of the rest. If you haven't worn it year doesn't work for me, I've tried it, but this makes sense to me. If it brings me joy or makes me happy, keep it. Otherwise there's the bin or bag, out it goes. I'm starting one room at a time and will give myself more than she says as I work and it's the last thing I want to do every night when I get home. Maybe I will change my mind and get on a roll, but the basement is a 3-6 month project unto itself. Lots of things and 38 years of accumulating. Check out the book. Let me know if you have read it and tried it? Blessings! I did get a newish car, Subaru 2013 Outback, blu and lovely to drive.

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