Saturday, September 5, 2015


Today is our daughter's birthday! She was such a great baby, smiled at everyone and was a great kid! She has become a wonderful adult and a joy to be with! We enjoy each others company and never run out of something to say. Though we don't call or text or email a lot, I know she loves me and she knows I love her! I often pray for her and Trevor, as they have big shoes to fill to their nieces and nephews as the best Aunt and Uncle, who pray often for those kids!
I was 3 weeks late in delivering her and her brother, someone goofed with the due dates. Erika was born on our friends anniversary which we were to go out for dinner with them, Gordon called and told them I wasn't feeling so hot. They said, " that's too bad, what do you think is wrong?" He told, "well, she had a baby this morning and stuck in the hospital" We still laugh about that conversation!
Well, my sweet girl, Happy Birthday from your Dad and me! Many more and may God richly bless you with lots of dreams!

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