Thursday, August 27, 2015


Tomorrow is my day off, as I work Saturday. We are going to test drive a Subaru and Toyota tomorrow. We kinda need a newish car. My Ford Escape is a piece of work, Red Rose as I call her. Transmission has been replaced 2 times, once by the previous owner and by us, it has a leak of some sort that no mechanic can find, it heats up a little and then smells, no mechanic can find that and on it goes! We don't go very far from home, I mostly drive it to work. I also have plans to look at material for new curtains in the great room. I have something in mind, so now if I can find the material. No, I won't sew them unless I want them hung in the next millennium, LOL!!!! I sew, but not that stuff! It's not a priority to me and I am slowly learning to let go of things I kinda would like to do sometime before I die and those things I love to do NOW!!!! This is a totally new concept to me, kinda, as I have tried this before, but never while working full time! I'm tired and I need to choose what's important to me and brings me joy ! Wish us luck!!

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