Sunday, August 16, 2015


Tomorrow is the start of the work week! I miss being at home, I was a stay at home mom for years and enjoyed every minute of it! Summers are the best with the kids home and lots of fun things to do. We took many family trips up to the time they were in their 20's. We saw many things, here are a few of them: Montana(Yellowstone and Glacier parks), South Dakota( cowboy chuck wagon, horseback riding and Mt. Rushmore), Alaska( Denali Park , Homer and Anchorage), California (San Diego, Disneyland, LA and San Juan Capistrano), Florida(Disney World, Sea World and Universal), Wyoming(Cody Rodeo and Russell Museum), Nebraska(first Cabelas), Colorado (Estes Park 2 times), Illinois (family), Michigan, Indiana(family) and Missouri (family). We also went through Canada 2 times(which I told the kids we were in a foreign country, they said "no we are not", but some guy at a place spoke French to his son, you should have seen the kids eyes bug out over that, "we are in a foreign country".) I have probably left out some state, sorry! We loved traveling with them, they spent hours sleeping, laughing, singing listening to books on tape and playing whatever car game I could come up with, like the how many cars are blue, ABC's of cars, I see a blue thing games.
This summer when we took Lily and Kora with us, we had fun reliving the times with their Dad and Auntie. I would love to take them to California, Washington state and Missouri where we have family and they have cousins. Hopefully, we will be able to do that in the next few years before they are to old to go with us! I am glad we are young enough to do these things with them!
Did you take family trips?? I did as a kid and so did Gordon. That is probably why we did it with our own kids, to see the world beyond our little corner! There is a big world beyond "Po dunk", where ever that is! Summer is coming to an end very quickly here in the north woods! Enjoy the few weeks left! Blessings beyond and back!

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