Saturday, August 1, 2015

What is normal??

Our life is back to "normal?" What is normal?? I don't know, but we have had granddaughters here for 2 weeks! It has been fun, tiring, meals have been whatever they will eat, afternoons at the beach after work and laundry! I did as much laundry in 2 weeks as I would do in 2 months!! LOL!!! WE had fun, here's what we did not in any order: The Potter's Shed( local pottery place) 2 times, ice cream at McDonald's after the beach( about 6 times), the beach, Duluth, MN., Wilderness Walk, Alley Cats(local coffee shop), game night, Rice Lake Pizza Hut after Menards, church with Auntie and Uncle Trevor, the beach, card making time, the beach, game night, Minion Movie, the beach,  Hayward candy store and did I mention the beach?!!!??!! I'm pooped and sad all rolled up into one! The girls were happy to go home and sad to leave us sad! They are wonderful girls! They didn't ask for much, just ice cream after the beach which I started 2 years ago. Will I do it again?? In a heart beat! Hoping they always want to come for a visit and never get too old to want to stay with us! We love them all! Blessings to you all!

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