Friday, December 25, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for reading my blog! I hope and pray all is well with your family!
Gordon and I just finished watching "War Room". What a fantastic movie! It shows what power we have in prayer and don't use prayer! I got the book Fervent by Priscilla Shirer which goes along with the movie. So, I have an idea for the new year and hope you will think about joining me. The movie and book talk about a strategy in prayer. So, let's just think about that for a moment. Strategy?? Yes! So, I'm calling upon a few ladies to join in with prayer time, praying for family, jobs, co-workers, finances, health, our government, our county, our pastors, etc.
First, write out your prayer, such as "help me at work with my co-workers, pray for their families, finances and health". Write out scripture that might go along with that, such as the Lord's prayer or 2 Chronicles 7:14, or John 3 :16. Writing down scripture helps you to remember it and breaks the power of the enemy! Just list the things you need to pray for and wait to see the power of prayer. It's amazing. I did this many years ago with a ladies group. I wrote them down and each week we added to the list or saw the hand of God move in a certain situation. God is calling me up again for war! The enemy has made some of my family compliance with their walk with God, so I think it's time! Come along for the ride and let's see the hand of God move! Just email me if your joining and once a week check in with me. Jan 1 is the kick off date! Get ready for battle and let God move! Blessings!!!


  1. oh goodie! You are the first one to respond. Start getting a book or notebook together so you can write out prayers and verses!


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