Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Dad

Today is my Daddy's birthday, if he was still living he would be 111 yrs old. WOW!!!! If he hadn't gotten cancer, I think he would still be running circles around all of us, :). Dad was a really great Dad. He would do anything, I think, for his girls and he did! He wasn't the most romance man, but he love my Mom and we all knew it! He would get impatient with me, but showed tender care other times when I really needed it. He is missed today especially! He loved Jesus and so we, sisters and our families, have the hope of seeing him and Mother again! Isn't that wonderful! My grandchildren who have heard a lot of fun stories have this hope also! I pray that HOPE becomes very real to each of you, that living with Christ as the center of our hope is AMAZING!!! Happy Birthday Daddy in Heaven, where you are celebrating with Christ!! Blessings! First photo is of Sandy and me with Daddy. He's holding me! Cute! Second photo is of him and Mom on some sort of trip and the last one is fuzzy, but so Earl, wearing that stupid hat while shoveling! He loved that hat!!! :)

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