Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Time

Well Christmas week is upon us and thank you Lord the craziness is almost over. I've been feeling that the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost in the busyness of the season. I used to be just crazy with making everything right, enough cookies to feed a lot of people, enough gifts for everyone, cards being sent out on the right date(whatever that was), the tree decorated differently every year and on the list went! I'm grateful Gordon put up with it and the kids are pretty normal, insert smiley face!
The last few years I hear God in a very clear voice saying make it simple, it's about relationships. Relationship with me(God), relationships with my family. I still believe in Santa and all things good. I believe that Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us, I still want peace on Earth and everyone in my little world to have a grounded relationship with the Creator of the World. As this year is coming to a close very fast, I pray and have faith that Jesus is still my Redeemer and the reason for this wonderful season! As Tiny Tim said so many years ago, "God bless us everyone!" Blessings!

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