Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meal Planning failure

I have found out that I'm not so great at following my own meal planning. My meals change like a teenager in high school changes clothes! I plan to do one thing and mid afternoon, I've called home to get something else out for supper. I guess that's okay, but these meal planners that follow to the letter, I envy! Wednesday I planned to make hamburgers, forgot to take burger out, Gordon is gone all day, so it ended up as hot dogs and beans. Okay, check one! Check two came Thursday when I planned to make spaghetti and Gordon wanted to smoke some wings. Last night I planned to eat leftovers and ended making French Onion Soup because there was no leftovers. I'm not giving up, but sure have gotten sidelined!!! LOL!!! Blessings beyond and back! P. S. Farmers market finds for today: fingerling  potatoes, onion,s snap peas and wax beans!

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