Sunday, November 8, 2015

this weekend

So, about a week ago or so, I noticed a rather loud noise in the basement of water rushing. I couldn't find anything, I looked and listened, nothing!!! But then when I heard it again, it was water spilling out of the drain pipe for the washing machine. Gushing out the top like a waterfall. So, Gordon is gone and I decided not to tell him until he got home which was going to be in 24 hours. So, then on last Sunday we stopped at the septic guys house to talk to him, got it pumped and guess what. That's right, water gushing out of the pipe still!!! Man, I couldn't believe it! So, we called the plumber son and he came up to help find out what's going on. There was a plug of goo about 10 feet from the house, that finally let go and voile , its fixed and life is good!!!

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