Friday, July 31, 2009


Weekends are so nice! We are having very unusual weather these days, so the weekends have been rather cool, not so sunny! I work this Saturday, but come Sunday, I just love that day of rest! I had been merchandising for Nabisco for 5 years and recently got released from that job because of the economy, so that means I have a total day of rest, no working!!I recently heard a Jewish rabbi talk about a day of rest and how important it is to the Jewish people. Not that I want to go to the extremes they do, but it's a day to do no work as far as labor for me! Oh, I do the laundry, cook meals, but I don't do my job at the store or think about the store! Do you observe a day rest, maybe not necessarily Sunday?? Maybe we all should consider it! Blessings!

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