Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ok, as I was making the corn salad yesterday, there was in the bakery kitchen a big discussion about mayo vs. Miracle whip! Who knew that this would launch a world wide discussion and tempers would rise over this! I grew up with mayo and have not let Miracle whip cross my lips if I have a choice, but as we all know, when you eat other peoples salads or hot dishes , you have no control over whether they use mayo or Miracle whip! So, let me know what you think about mayo or Miracle whip!
I think tomorrow's demo will be a shrimp dip, made with cream of shrimp soup and cream cheese with hot sauce. I will let you know how it was received and how it tasted!

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  1. Hi Earl, I will have to vote for the miracle whip only because that is all I have really ever used...maybe it's not a fair vote because I really have not tasted much of the real mayo.
    Alyssa said it was sooooo busy in Economart today....I miss the good ole days. The 4th is always such a zoo but at least the work day flies by. Happy 4th and God bless....Rhonda


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