Thursday, July 23, 2009


Gordon's brother and his wife are coming for supper tonight. We are having Gordon's new favorite meal, lasagna! I really have to tell you that after working all day, I don't want to come home and stand for hours putting lasagna together, but I found a recipe awhile back that makes it so.....stinkin' easy!!! Yes, I know I say stinkin' alot!! Anyway, back to the recipe, go to website,and go to the cooking area, then click on main course(on the left side of the screen),then click casseroles, it is the very last recipe! I changed 2 things, I don't use the sliced mozzarella cheese, I buy the big bag of shredded cheese. And I use spaghetti sauce with tomato paste added, not the canned tomatoes. I have used quite a few of her recipes and had really good luck, maybe changing a few things out as I didn't have them on hand and I'm not running back to the store where I have spent 8 hours already!!! I was going to take a pix of the bread salad I made, but I ran down the batteries and no extra ones laying around!! After putting this together and baking it, plans changed and they aren't coming till Saturday, but hey, I'm all ready for the meal!!

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