Tuesday, September 14, 2010

something to talk about!

From time to time, I have something to say and no one around, isn't that just the way it goes! I read about 7 blogs on a daily bases and not all of them update daily! So, I'm challenging myself to say something intelligent daily for you all, even you lurkers!!! We have been blessed with one of the worst gardens in the history of Gordon and his gardening escapades! 45 tomato plants and not even a ice cream bucket full! 12 eggplants and 1 stinkin eggplant! No onions at all and a few peppers! Potatoes are not much this year, maybe 2/5 gallon buckets! But when we have had plenty, we have given away to other people, so, this year it's payback for us! People are so gracious and we have had 4 plastic grocery bags full for us to eat or make salsa! Thank you Mark and Joanne!!!! Just remember the blessing of sharing with others! Blessings!

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