Monday, September 13, 2010


I took a cooking class after work on Saturday for appetizers. It was fun, lots to eat and new recipes! I was thinking about Sample Fest which is held at the grocery store in Dec. whether or not I could incorporate some the recipes for that day! Well, I might be able to do one or two, but for family and friends, yes I can! I will share along the way the recipes and have photos for you! But until then, that's all I got! I'm taking a class next month on using my pressure cooker! I'm so excited about that since I begged for the cooker and have used it once in 7 yrs! Good grief!! Blessings!

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  1. Hi Mimi... even before the class, take a look at my website. I do step-by-step photos of each recipe! It would be good for me to know if they are helpful for a beginner like you!



    P.S. Your pressure cooker should be in good condition after 7 years of now use, but make sure to check the rubber and silicone parts to make sure they are still flexible and usable -- if they are crackly you definitely need to replace them before use. If they are just stiff give them a little wipe with cooking oil to lubricate them.



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