Saturday, September 4, 2010

friends leaving :(

Our dear friends, Tad and Dana are going home to Texas because of her job! She's a brain(the blond in the photo) and Tad(light shirt) is a tall Texan! So, they take off Thursday and a few other friends are coming here for lunch/brunch tomorrow! We(I) love to entertain, especially small groups of friends, that way you get to talk to everyone! We are thawing out a ham, pickled cucumber salad, chocolate zucchini cake and deviled eggs, that takes care of my part of the lunch! Ruth is bringing her hash brown potatoes, Dana is bringing something from the freezer( I have no clue what it is) and haven't heard from Lori! There will be lots of laughing and a few tears! We know that we will see them sometime, probably when we truly retire and travel to Texas! Blessings!

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