Friday, August 31, 2012


Awhile back I wrote about having too much and cleaning! Well, dear friends I now have a plan for more cleaning! I have clear direction and need to start a monthly calendar to keep me on task! In 2 yrs. I would like to have sized down the "crap" or more ladylike the "stuff" that seems at times to overtake the house! There are so many more things I would like to do besides this task, but I want to move in 2 yrs to a smaller house! That's the endgame for me. Gordon and I don't need to move further into old age with all of this! It would drive our children crazy if we died and left this mess to them to clean up. I would be ashamed to leave it! So, with that said where to start??? Well, I read a blog the other day and she said that every spring she goes from room to room, looks over the room with notebook in hand, writes down everything that room needs done. The clutter cleaned up and hauled away, painting, carpets cleaned, wallpaper stripped off, closets looking like you can find soemthing! I thought this was a great idea! So, I did it and it wasn't as painful as I expected, but now the work begins! Pray that I can do this without getting too sentimental about stuff, pray that it doesn't overwhelm me to the point I give up, pray that Gordon and I don't argue about stuff, pray that I don't lose sleep over this, pray that I can be brutal about tossing items that don't mean a hill of beans in the realm of eternity! So, this year we need "according to my notebook" to paint 2 rooms only, so that's not too bad! 3 carpets need to be cleaned and 4 closets need to be decluttered! Then there's the basement, oh boy what a chore that will be!!!!!! Don't go buy anything until you check with me and see if I have it!! I'm not kidding, I would love to bless you if I have it, whatever it is!!!LOL!!!!!Blesings!

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