Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is it soup or chowder??

I bought some leeks at the farmers market and needed to make something with them, so Gordon dug up some potatoes for me. I started out with the taters and diced them up. Then I got going on the leeks, as you need to soak them in water to get the dirt out from the rings of the leeks. So, I sliced them up and threw them in some warm water, separated them, took them out of the water and threw them in the soup pot!! I used evaporated milk and flour as a thickner for the soup. Seems there is alot of throwing of things around!!:) The I got some spicy meatballs I made a few months ago and threw them in the pot. It got nice and thick, so it became more chowder than soup for our supper! We got new smartphones, I hope eventually we will figure them out!! Technology is passing us by I'm afraid! Anyway, please don't get mad at us if we don't answer the phone right away, we are trying to figure out how too!!!! Blessings!

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