Monday, September 17, 2012

pepper jelly

Last years hit from the garden was hot pepper jelly! So, I decided I would make some more, but do red! Last years was green! The hot hungarian peppers turned a beautiful red and I added a few cayenne into the mix. Please note when working with hot peppers, either put on gloves or remember not to touch any place on your body that is sensitive, such as eyes, nose, or your bottoms! So, with all that said, I cut up peppers bare handed and removed the stems, seeds and threw them into the food processor to take a twirl around the container. Please watch this so it doesn't become slurry!! Also, please be careful as the fumes from the peppers can sting your eyes, when you take the lid off the food processor!! Also, this is from experience! The hot peppers in the jars were so beautiful. I think I will serve some tomorrow night for Bible study with cream cheese and crackers! Blessings!

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