Monday, September 24, 2012

bits and pieces

Hey, isn't that an oldies song??? From Paul Revere and the Raiders???? NO, that's not who sang that, but goll darnit I can't remember who did!!! I do digress, sorry!!! We went to the twins birthday party back in July and I didn't post all the pics from the party and thought it would fun to see 2 pics of my men! 1. is of Gordon
Now, really look at the photo, the girls had so much fun putting all of this on Grandpa. His hair is in a ponytail holder on the top of his head(I don't think you can see that), plus the feather mask, necklace beads and bracelet. He put his foot down when Kora wanted to do makeup!!!LOL!!! We were laughing so hard, I was crying!!! Poor Grandpa, he was a good sport. Then there's photo 2 of Daddy!!
Daddy gets an A for going along with this!!!! WE laughed and had so much fun that day! Just what families should do!!! Blessings!! I did google who sang the song "Bits and pieces", it was the Dave Clark Five. Just a little trivia!!

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