Thursday, August 23, 2012

Relish and snack

In my new pickled pantry cookbook is a recipe for "Zucchini pickle relish". So, I started it late this afternoon as it takes 12 hours in salt to get ready for pickling! I love relish on just about anything and this one comes very highly recommended! So, I had bought some zucchinis at the Farmers Market last weekend as we didn't plant any this time around! And got them all chopped up with the peppers from our garden and an onion from the store! Gordon said there is something in the garden like a squash or pumpkin, and with it raining today I didn't go check! Also, we just finished a late night snack of Greek Gods yogurt and granola! Gordon would rather have ice cream, but this is what we have for now! Blessings!

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  1. You are so faithful about posting Earl, I love your blog. I made zuchinni relish last week too. I canned 21 pints, it's sooooooo good. It was nice seeing you at the store the other day, I miss you. God bless. Rhonda


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