Monday, February 22, 2010

The party continues!

I love celebrating my birthday, mostly the fact that it continues for a week!!! Saturday, I spent 4 hours with our daughter! We had fun, ate lunch at "The Chattering Squirrel" in Siren(this is in a mini mall)and there is a kitchen store there also! My favorite place to be!! I have always wanted to own a kitchen store and show people how to use all the gadgets!!! What fun that would be!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!! Anyway, Erika and Trevor gave me money, of course I spent it right away on Julia Child's book "The Art Of Mastering French Cooking". I also bought a red coffee mug(I love mugs, but please don't buy me any I have way too many now)!!! Then I went and got a haircut(now I have a style), and then we went home!! It was over too fast, but that's the way it goes!! I will blog later on Sunday's fun! Blessings!

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