Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I wrote about seeing this movie last fall, but today Gordon brought it home for me, so sweet! He forgot I saw it and I asked him to watch it with me, so he did! He liked it! Watching the movie makes me happy, sad, wanting to expand my cooking skills and diet! In 1994, my friend Gloria(who is not a follower) and I went to Aspen Food and Wine classic for the weekend(back when we had money). We met Julia, stood in line for 2 hours for her to autograph Kurt's cookbooks(my son) and had a class with her! She was so entertaining, I wish I had taped her teaching us to make lobster quiche. Of course, because of the altitude at Aspen, the lobster never cooked! What an absolute hoot!! She said "you'll do a better job than I did." These are happy memories for me, I still have my 3 day pass somewhere and the knife I bought! We also met and chatted with Patricia Wells(you need to google her)! She sat with us on a park bench like we were old friends, of course, she is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so we were like family! Have a great evening! Blessings!

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