Wednesday, February 17, 2010

corn muffins

I really like corn muffins! I like corn muffins with peppers,whole kernel corn and maple syrup poured over them! I like corn muffins crumbled up in chili, or served warm with butter, or plain, but not without some sugar in the mix! My mother made Jiffy mix that has a little sugar in it, but down south, they serve corn muffin without sugar, which I can't hardly eat! I know, who knew that would be what I don't like! My grandparents(my mother's parents) lived with us for about 5 yrs. and mother made corn bread almost everyday for them! They loved warm corn bread, but ate it as a snack in a bowl with milk poured over it! Mother always used a iron skillet to make the cornbread! Great memories! Blessings!

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