Friday, March 9, 2012


I just read a blog and she talked about an anti-bucket list. Things you would never want to do before you die and I thought that was very creative, why didn't I think of that!!! So, what are a few things you never plan to do before you die? Here are few from me, 1. no sky diving or scuba diving or bunge jumping for me, the question I would want to pose to anyone, "why" would you do that?? I don't seek thrills like that!! 2. no skiing or tubing for me, back would hate it! 3. no iron man triathlons for me, why would you do that to your body?! 4. no karaoke night for me, I love to sing, but for me only! 5. no chickens in my yard, boo hoo for me! Gordon says the coyotes, eagles, weasels, raccoons or foxes would eat they all before we could protect them! This is just the short list, more to come! Blessings!

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