Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We had Chinese dumplings for dinner! They were so good. Gordon's friend, Don, brought them up from Chicago last fall!Did I mention how good they were??!!! I don't think they would be that hard to make, but why when you can buy them! We had friends with them, called egg rolls that I bought this time at the store. I do love making my own egg rolls, though! My recipe for egg rolls: 1 package of cole slaw mix, leftover chicken, pork or 1 small can of shrimp. Heat up a skillet with some oil like 2 tablespoons and add the cole slaw mix, then add some soy sauce and the meat! Very carefully add the mixture to the egg roll wrap and roll up gently, using some water seal the edges. I use a "fry daddy" to fry them up! Serve with soy sauce or sweet sour sauce! Any questions, please let me know, but these are so good and easy! Blessings!

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