Thursday, October 29, 2009

time change

I can hardly wait till the time change this weekend! It's so dark in the morning and it's hard for me to function! So, that's my complaint for the day, sorry!!! I got a call from a friend yesterday about the bread recipe! I was so excited that someone is really reading this blog!!!!! Her question was can she use whole wheat flour and how much. So my answer to her and anyone else is YES!!! Use half white and half whole wheat, if you use too much whole wheat it will be hard pressed to rise decently! You can jazz up the recipe and add garlic or olives or rye flour or just about anything! It will be dense bread because of the flour! I gave that recipe to someone at work about 6 months ago and she makes it all the time! Carol just puts her own spin on the recipe! Go girls and try it!!! Blessings!

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