Sunday, April 9, 2017

This and that

 When we travel, I like to get some CD books so it makes the miles go quicker, because the radio gets hard to find a station at times! So this time we listened to quite a few and here is the list: High heat by Richard Castle, The Hotel between Bitter and Sweet, The Chisholm Trail and Old School by Bill O'Reilly. High heat was funny and reminded me of the show , Castle,a lot! We laughed out loud and tried to figure it out along with listening to it! The Chisholm trail was short only 3 CD's and held our attention most of the time, some of the things weren't accurate as far as the we were concerned, but it was ok! Old School was funny, I am definitely old school in my thinking though I do love my electronics! But I think the best one was The Hotel between Bitter and Sweet, it takes place in Seattle and talks about the Japanese interment camps of 1942 till the end of WWII. It was part true and part fiction. It talked about issues that happened during that time and modern times. I would highly recommend it!
 I have 2 more weeks off till I go back to work and they are filling up. My daughter is having a garage sale and I plan to take some stuff over for that, so I got the front hall closet cleaned out last night which filled a box. Another box to fill today of stuff, probably some books.
 Also on my list of things to do is to make a meal using my Air Fryer and Instant Pot. We are going to try pizza in the air fryer and not sure what in the instant pot, maybe a rice dish of some sort. Plus making more jam this week too. So have a great week, blessings!

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