Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Starting my shopping for Holidays

Long title for this blog!!! I usually start like in June, but this year I didn't, funds were short about that time and I wasn't in the mood! 2 weeks ago I went and got a pedicure and bought a gift from the beauty salon that isn't a beauty item. My friend Rhonda makes the prettiest things out of yarn, like knitted gloves, hats, headbands and scarves, but now she is crocheting purses, so pretty!!! So, I bought one for someone special in my life, not saying who as they might read the blog! Mostly, my family doesn't read this thing, boring I think!! That's okay !
I was blessed today with a response to an email to Delta airlines. When Erika and I flew to California last year, we upgraded and then was asked to move because with my cane I was considered disabled, so where they upgraded us was near an exit. I understand this, but never got my accounted credited the amount of the upgrade back. Now, they are making amends, YEAH, Delta!! They also gave me a gift card of $50. So, I am blessed beyond and back!!
I will put up the picture of the purse and just remember it's prettier in person! Blessings!

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