Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday, play day!!

Everyone needs a day to just play and have fun, even me! I mostly hang around the house and do whatever Gordon wants to do when I have a day off. You see, we enjoy each others company which sometimes is good and sometimes not so much! Today, he had 2 furnace repairs to do and I had a day to clean and goof off!! I decided to clean the pantry, so that meant a trip to Shopko for some supplies for the pantry like, stackable shelving units and small plastic bins. I was overwhelmed at first, but prayed for some guidance and made myself a cup of coffee. Thought it through and went to work. I was done in 1 hour and off to another project. I organized my wrapping papers. I bought a stackable drawer system and got to work. Apparently, I don't have as much stuff as I thought. I got this idea from stonegableblog,com from yesterday's blog. Today, Yvonne talked about a table setting for Corelle and Corning ware products. They are still made in the USA, I like that a lot! Have a great evening, Blessings!!!!

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