Sunday, October 12, 2014

saying goodbye

In the last week, 1 friend has died and my sister-in-law sister's died. Death does funny things to people. For me , it makes me want to hug my family and friends more, take in the little things, and let people's stupid comments just become stupid comments! People can and have said the strangest things to me when death has been around me. I won't go down that road!! But, if we believe of the final destination for those of us who love Christ, death isn't scary! While Diane(my friend) was sick with cancer, if anyone asked her how she was, she would always say "blessed". She wasn't mad about having cancer, but felt she had a chance to witness to her doctors and nurses! She always wanted to share her faith about Christ to anyone who would listen. Makes me smile just thinking about her, she is dancing in Glory! I didn't know Peggy really well(my sister-in-law sister), but I hope she is also dancing, maybe they are dancing together!! Be blessed my friends. Live the life that would bring praise and Glory to the King!

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