Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Being that today is Wednesday, I thought I would say something profound! I'm still thinking on that one! LOL :)!! It was 3 weeks yesterday since my back surgery. I feel pretty great! A few twinges of pain, but nothing long lasting like before. Gordon and I walked the store yesterday, people stopped me and said I look pretty good, my coloring is better! Isn't pain funny, I didn't think that my skin coloring was off, but apparently it was! I've been reading alot of books on my tablet and paperback.
I'm still cleaning and now at a stand still, I would like to move a few pieces of furniture, but hesitate to ask Gordon because what if I don't like it there and need to move it again, I will get some sighing and that's not good! There is so much I would like to do before I go back to work, but it's not going to get done just because it's not! I would love to paint 3 rooms and rearrange some furniture! But I will wait till my back is stronger and then I can help Gordon move stuff!
Saturday is our 40th anniversary, it's ruby in the realm of gift giving, but I don't see a ruby coming my way! We usually don't give each other a gift except for dinner out! Well, that's all from the not so frozen north these days! Blessings!

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