Sunday, February 19, 2012

birthday bash all day

Well, the day is winding down and it's been a fun ride all day! Started with Gordon forgetting that today is the actual day, all I could is laugh, thought he was covered since he came home with flowers yesterday, what a guy!!!! Went to church and one of my best girls forgot, but later called and the other one has completely forgot, so much for my best girls(LOL! love you girls)!! Had coffee with my favorite son-in-law and daughter in Siren at the Squirrel(the chatting squirrel). We laughed, drank some really good coffee and laughed some more, walked around and hugged goodbye! It was a fun day! I have the greatest friends, really I do. One of them, Christine, gave me a chicken for my birthday gift. She recently found out how much I love chickens, but Gordon has said no to any live chickens(the coyotes, weasels, or raccoons would eat them all), so she got this hand blown one from

a local store that I saw and loved! Thanks Christine!!! Love you all, Earlene

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