Thursday, June 23, 2011

today's demo is....................

I made a really easy and yummy banana pudding for the grocery to demo today while I'm off! It's made with sugar free vanilla and banana instant pudding, bananaa cut up, sugar free cool whip, and vanilla wafers. We don't carry the sugar feee vanilla wafers anymore, but if you were dieting or watching your carbs, just eliminate the wafers. It was really pretty looking yesterday when I threw it all together. Got the recipe from Recipe follows: 2 boxes of sugar free instant vanilla pudding, 2 boxes of sugar free instant banana pudding, 1- 8oz. container of sugar free cool whip, 5 cups of lowfat(1% milk), 2 ripe bananas, sugar free vanilla wafers. Make the puddings in separate bowls, then combine and let them set for 10 minutes, add cut up bananas and cool whip, mix well and refrig. Then just before putting this into bowls or serving, add the wafe

rs, so they can get soft. Yummy!!!

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