Saturday, December 12, 2009

tea at Diane's

My friend, Diane has the cutest house! She invited me for tea this morning with a few other friends! I was going to take my granddaughter's, but they didn't come up because one was sick, so I went and took pictures for them! Diane has an American girl doll and so do my twin granddaughter. Olivia(granddaughter) and Diane have the same one, Kirsten from Sweden! Diane has Kirsten all set up on a shelf with the Swedish theme for St.Lucia! So, doggone cute!!!! Enjoy the pictures! Blessings!

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  1. Hi Earl, Tea sounds so FUN!!! There is nothing like friends and family that's for sure. I love the doll, Alyssa would have loved one when she was little but they were not popular then. I still have bags of Barbie dolls and clothes, can't bring myself to throw them out...too many memories wonderful attached to them.

    Does Vicki have some cool stuff???? I have not been there in awhile. Next time I am in Spooner, I will have to run out there. Do you know what her hours are??? So nice to hear from you and thanks for your nice comments on my blog, I appreciate word from home so much!!!!! Blessings, Rhonda


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