Sunday, September 3, 2017

Where did summer go??

 I don't know about you, but summer went by so fast for me! Swish it's gone!! The twins came only once this summer and Kora none! I was so busy in June with the store issues that the month went by and onto July, where the issues still existed and now into Sept, they are less, but still there! So the lesson here is, that life will go on after you are dead or too busy, but family needs to feel loved and to enjoy them now!!!
 Our tomato plants area bust, lots of branches and flowers, but not many tomatoes, I think next year I will not plant any and just rely on the farmers market! I have made quite a few pints of spicy sweet pickles as the cucumbers did well! I told Gordon, don't pick any more as I am done making pickles!! 8 pints is enough! I froze quite a few bags of peaches for winter and made 2 cobblers.
 Tuesday is our daughter's birthday! Big shout out to Erika!!! Happy day!!! Blessings to you for the next year!!!
A few weeks ago we went to Game Fair over near Anoka, Mn. It was dog on parade day, lots of dogs and lot of fun things to see. Dogs jumping off the dock to retrieve dog decoys, or swimming from shore to retrieve.  It was a fun day to see dogs and puppies!!
 Have a great day! Blessings!

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