Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Psalm 91

Tonight as I continue on with more of this wonderful Psalm, please read ahead tonight and tomorrow, see if you have any questions to ask me or ask yourself!
 Verse 3 says" he will rescue you from any snares or traps that the enemy has set for you and from the deadly curse"
, which I think means the curse that was placed on humans in the Garden when Adam and Eve sinned against God, He is making a way for us to salvation.
 I have experience the presence of God many times when I should have been scared! He has protected me from many snares, you just need to pray when you are going anywhere or a new place! When I was selling At Home America products, I was in many homes that I realize things could have gone so wrong, but didn't! I think because I had prayed for help before I left the house!
Give me some feedback! Blessings!

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