Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Psalm 91

As I continue on with this wonderful Psalm, I hope you are reading ahead. Verse 4 talks about as a parent bird protects their young, God will protect you. He will cover you with his feathers , what a great picture of God's love for us! It says His faithfulness will be a shield around us, and  a rock solid wall of protection! WOW!!! A rock solid wall, what does this look like for us! Can you imagine a wall of protection, rock solid! Jesus is the corner stone or rock that we build our lives on! God gave that to us! I hope this is painting a wonderful picture of what kind of God we serve!!
I realize I am keeping this study a little short, but I have found that long winded studies are just that, long winded and boring! You just need to paint a picture and you can fill the colors in! Just like this photo shows of the fall colors that God has painted for us to see, His word paints a picture of His love for us! He will go to the end of the earth for us to show us His love! Keep reading till next time! Blessings!

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